About Property Videos

Since 2009 Luke Power and his team have been providing property video tours for Property Developers, Commercial Property, Holiday Accommodation and Estate Agents.

Luke’s background is film and television, he has worked for clients including the BBC, ITV, Discovery and Nickelodeon. It is this mixture of broadcast techniques, high definition footage and a strong involvement within the Property Sector that gives our video tours and virtual tours the power to bring your property to life.

Head over to our Portfolio page to view many examples of our work.

The most successful and impactful product to come from the Property Videos camp is our presenter-led video tour, created in the style of broadcast property television. Here are the reasons why:

1 – Save time and money spent on wasted viewings by only introducing pre-qualified leads to your property or development.

2 – Tell the full story of your property or development in the most engaging and human way. Convey history, lifestyle, features, local area, brand and scope for potential changes.

3 – Offer end users (buyers, tenants, guests, investors) the maximum amount of information wherever they happen to be in the world. Your consumers are experiencing rich web content everyday via social media and online shopping platforms, they will be expecting it from you too.

4 – Increase your brand presence and SEO performance. Google loves video almost as much as consumers do!

You can connect with Luke (The Property Videos Guy) at Linkedin and join in the discussion at The Property Videos Playbook, our group dedicated to all things property video.

You can call Luke directly on +4407815206099 or email info@propertyvideos.org.

Head over to our Portfolio page to view many examples of our work.

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